Personal Polygones

Puzzle Geometric Polygon
As the pieces of the puzzle picture puzzles in the set and match to create a complete picture, the art form Polygon respect the fact that each of us is unique in personality and attitude. The pieces of love, compassion and intelligence requires foresight and rigor to prepare and make, creating shapes amazing work. And in style Polygon WPAP, we provide the best quality and maximum, so you will love it.

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Wedha Abdul Rasyid
The varied shades of the WPAP Polygon resemble our varied hues in personality. And it all emerged with the great artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid. An inspired artist since childhood and the illustrator of a teen magazine, his art is unique as much as it is celebrated. His work was not just the end result, but part of the journey that he undertook while trying to understand art in its whole someness. He liked the work of Mondrian, but found it to be too simplistic. And so, he brought out geometric manifestations in a wide range of colours, both light and dark.
Understanding Wedhaism
The art form by Wedha took off from Cubism, but became an independent celebrated entity in itself during the 1990s. Described as Wedhaism, his work is a mosaic of complimentary colours. In his technique, the various colours are fragmented to represent the varied facets in character of a person. Unlike other art forms that detail, the Wedha form of art does not provide intricate details, but showcases the face and character in its varied forms.
Personal Art and Wedha
As an organization with a strong attachment to Indonesia, the association with WPAP style started early. And along with it began the thirst to take the style onto a larger platform. Personal Art makes the style global, which means that any person from any corner of the world can order it. The studio makes the style accessible, pricing it at par with our other styles. And most importantly, as is the studio’s nature, it makes the style ‘Personal’. You can easily upload your photographs and get them converted into pop art portraits in the WPAP style.