Fun Caricature from Photo

Explore the fun side of Personal Art with our amazing and equally amusing caricature styles. Exaggerating a few features of a person's face, while downplaying others, can lead to fun-tastic results. And that's what we work with at the studio.

Caricature Art is Global

The spread of caricature art is not just geographic, it is global. Whichever country you may travel too, symbolizing political icons as objects of satire is not uncommon. From insulting to complimentary, today not just politicians, but many other celebrities too are commonly portrayed in this style.

It's Accessible

Derived from the Italian word Caricare (meaning: to load), this form of art is today accessible to everyone. Anyone can have a caricature portrait created for them, and we at Personal Art do a particularly excellent job. Moreover, we can create it both in colour and black and white to suit your mood, interiors and of course attitudes!

It's Easy to order

For one, you do not have to pose for it. Simply send across your digital photo by mail, select a caricature style you like (we have many in our gallery), and we will design your portrait. Secondly, you have the choice in printing. This means that you can print your portrait not just on paper posters, but also on mediums like Banners, wall sticker, shirts, mugs, watches, wooden surfaces, natural slate and, of course, canvas. And thirdly, if you live in the UK, we provide free delivery to your doorstep.

The caricature style is really a fun extension of pop art and can liven up any surroundings. Moreover, it makes for excellent gifting to friends and family. It comes in a range of designs for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, kids, hobbies, homes and offices. And finally comes at a special price that is affordable for all. So then, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite style and get started today!