How to Order

Ordering personalised Pop Art on line with Personal Art is simpler than making instant coffee. Here is an easy five step guide to get you started on ordering for that perfect portrait.


 Step 1: Decide what you want

Decide what you want..

An extensive range of pop art styles are available in our art shop. Browse through our gallery of designs and decide the style(s) you want your portrait to be in. If you do not want to use these styles, you can define your own panels, backgrounds and colours too. You can also simply choose to print your photo from here. You can also print your photo creatively with a ready-made design. 



 Step 2: Decide the material you want

Decide what material you want..

Once you have decided on the style, you need to choose the material you want to print on. Our prints are done on canvas, but if you want, you can order a Digital file and get it printed by a printer in your area.

 Step 3: Confirm the Order

Confirm your order..

Confirm your order by providing relevant details and payment. We will send you a confirmation email with a link for uploading your photograph(s).



 Step 4: Upload your Photo(s) / Design(s)

Upload your photo(s)..

Now you can begin uploading (from the link in the automatic email you received from us : check your spam-box). Send us a relevant photograph by using the link from the email, or, if you experience some difficulty, you can send it directly to us via our email  (

At this stage you can also send us any specific expectations or remarks regarding the product, via email too. You can also pick up an image on our Facebook Page or on our website (or any where on the Net) and send it to us as a sample of what you like.



 Step 5: Receive your Personal Art

Receive your Personal Art!

Once the order is confirmed, our team begins work immediately. An artist’s proof will be sent across to you via email and once you approve it, the final print on the chosen material will take place. Your pop art would then be securely packaged and sent across to you through a trusted courier.

Our lines of communication are always open and you can discuss your queries with us at any point of time. We are accessible via email ( and always ready to help you out as soon as possible.