Outstanding Pop Art Portraits and Photo Collage from Your Photos

Pop Art Portraits from Photos, for Home Décor and Outstanding Personalised Gifts.

Unique Transformations of Photos to Pop Art

When artists with a unique temperament sit down to bridge the real world with fantasy, pop art is born. From the bright colours of Warhol, to the comic lines of Lichtenstein, the greys of monochromatic to the matter-of-fact street arts: each leaf on the pop art tree is different from the other. And while some stores specialize with just a couple of pop art styles, we at Personal Art bring together an extensive collection of this art form, so you can easily browse the variety and select what you want.

Art Shop

Caricature from Photo

Order here a personal Caricature from your photos. Our caricature style is demanding, but you can still enjoy our sweet prices : from $89.75 only, on Canvas.

Collage Portrait

Patch Collage Pop Art

A new fantastic and unique style for your portraits,from Personal-Art 's Studio. A mixture of collage and portraiting techniques, hours of work for an outstanding rewarding result. From $139.75... on Canvas!

Classic Pop Art

Personalized Pop Art Portrait

Inspired by the most famouspop artist,Andy Warhol, this classic style of pop art will convert your photographs into bright coloured portraits. Check out the styles and substyles. From $79.75, on Canvas.


Photo Collage Pop Art

Insert pictures of friends, family or colleagues or keep this as a personal collage of memories. Inspired by Warhol’s collages, display your pictures, through this masterpiece. . Available on canvas, from $239.75.

Sketch Portrait

Personalized Sketch Portrait

Drawn by hand on graphic pads, just like drawn by hand on anything. The skills of the artist, combined with the style rules and your photo will lead to the best kind of sketch portrait one can make. From $79.75 on Canvas.

bilal style

Enki Bilal Comic Style

Enki Bilal is a fantastic creator of comic novels, whose artworks are rocketting in auction sales. Get your personalized portrait in this great style.

From $99.75 on Canvas.

> Street Art Portrait

Street Art Portrait

Bring home the unseen street artists, and give them canvas space instead of walls. Have portraits of your loved ones in this amazing style. From $79.75 on Canvas.


Lichtenstein-Style Portrait

The advertising-comic style of Lichtenstein can lend to awesome portraits. Mark your presence with thick lines and bold colours. From $89.75 on Canvas.


Monochrome Portrait

Black and white is never boring. And our ranges of monochromes go the length to prove just that. Check out our classy range and you will agree with us too. From $79.75, on Canvas.


Propaganda Portrait

Chinese and Soviet propaganda pictures have an undying style, that has remained even after the propaganda days are over. Personalize it and bring it home, from $89.75 on canvas.


Personal Polygones

Inspired by a world famous Indonesian artist, Weda Pop Art - or WPAP - gives bright and colorful portraits. You can get yours, made with your photo, from $99.75 printed on canvas.



Bold yet discreet, silhouettes iMage are striking. Get one personalized just for yourself, a simple and striking way of communication. From $49.80 only as a digital file.

Contemporary Serigraph

Contemporary Serigraph

A very contemporary style of portraits, a pure creation of Personal-Art, inexpensive but outstanding. Get a personalized canvas in this style, for $69.75.

Mondrian Photo Collage

Mondrian Photo Collage

Piet Mondrian did a few collages himself, and Personal-Art propose to work on your photos and make a collage of them in this very particular and very famous style. From $119.75 on canvas.

Scanner Darkly

Scanner Darkly Portrait

Inspired by the cult film, these portraits are mesmerizing, unusual and interesting. Check out our range and you will love it. From $99.75 on canvas, delivered to your door

obama campaign

Obama Campaign Portrait

You need not run for a presidential campaign to obtain this. Inspired by Obama’s legendary Hope poster, we personalize the experience with your photographs. From $89.75 on Canvas.


Ultrasound Art Portrait

If you thought that ultrasound was all about science, then think again. We bring it to the arts to create lasting memories with the first pictures of your unborn. From $99.75, for a canvas print.

delftware portrait

Delftware Portrait

If someone tells you delftware is just for pottery, bring them to us. We bring this Dutch style to your picture on canvas, and it looks breathtaking. Get your portrait in this style, for $79.75 on canvas.

stained glass

Stained Glass Portrait

Personal-Art 's studio will work the light to make your canvas print look like stained glass. Amazing and original. From $89.75, on canvas.

photo collages

Just a Collage Please

Your picture, your memories, your art. With the help of our studio, you will get a nice collage of your photos. Order yours, for as cheap as $68.75, printed on canvas, ready to hang, and delivered to your door.

Vivid Variety

From Andy Warhol to Lichtenstein, from Scanner Darkly to Street Art, from Enki Bilal to Personal Obama and from Propaganda Art to Polygon style, our site offers them all. Not just that, each of the 20 styles listed in the art shop, also comes with sub styles, so you can be sure of availing a portrait as unique as you dreamed of.

Inimitable Ideas

The creativity of ideas makes for a world of difference in art, and we at Personal Art are well endowed. Our team, using advanced digital drawing techniques, coupled with unique creativity and the consistent thirst to do more, can give you the most unusual ideas for your home or office décor. And so, when you’re planning for décor based art, do stop by and check what we offer.

Grand Gifts

The best gifts are ones that are unique, Personalized and given with love. Pop art offers these three options, rolled into one canvas, through its Personalized pop art services. And if you want to leave the choices to your receiver, our gift cards are voted as a great choice!

Personal Art

With a Personalized touch to everything we do, our team ensures that every portrait you take from us is a timeless memory. So, whether the art marks your love anniversary, is for a birthday gift, a wedding gift or a Christmas present, we can add that personal touch. And if it’s for your office décor or to mark a job achievement, we can make it look professional too! Our team of creative artists are here just to create wonderful personalized artworks for you that speak not just the language of your heart, but also narrate the spirit of your soul!